No project is too big or small: each investment is thoroughly analyzed with cost effective solutions.

  • Our focus is primarily on South Florida.
  • When we find that the size, demographics, and reason to increase value are present in other areas, we’ll consider other parts outside of South Florida.


With cutting edge technology, our team has attained a vast know-how within these locations.

  • Multi-family: Ranging from a duplex to over 100 units
  • Retail: Strip centers with small tenants
  • Warehouses: Multi-bay tenants
  • Hotels: On a case by case basis
  • Development: On a case by case basis


Will acquire property if one (preferably all) are existing:

  • Current steady income that supports at least 70% LTV
  • Under market rents by 20% or more
  • A strong mix of tenants
  • Property needs TLC
  • Property has additional land for development
  • Potential to reposition tenants and/or use
  • Current income but with the upside of rezoning and rights for redevelopment
  • Distressed/vacant/abandon properties due to legal, environmental, bank owned, etc.

  • The Golani team is able to place a contract on a property within 24 hours after receiving the property information.
  • Typical due diligence will be 30-45 days (on a case by case) where it can be short a few days or longer if more is unknown.
  • A typical contract will close within 45-60 days.
  • Most contracts are on cash to seller basis at closing.
  • An option is always available for Joint ventures with the current owners to maximize Profit and return for both sides.